Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Real Estate Sweet Spot

Real Estate Sweet Spot
Real Estate Sweet Spot

The most asked question when talking to homeowners who want to sell is how much can I get for my property? How can I get the most money for my home?

When putting your home up for sale the first and most important thing to remember, PRICE IT RIGHT. All homes have that sweet spot that will sell the home.

Pricing: The sweet spot can sometimes be hard to find but with the help of a seasoned agent in your area they should know the market well enough to be able to help you price your home for about where it needs to be. Pricing your home right takes practice and knowledge.
Your agent should be able to show you homes in the area similar to yours that have sold recently, features of homes that have sold compared to yours and what features you have that would set your home apart from the rest and possibly bring you more money and also features of your home that may hinder the sale of your home.

Selling a home can be overwhelming but with the help of a real estate agent who know how price and market your home it shouldn’t take long to sell. Once price has been established your agent will then start marketing your home and trying to get the most exposure possible. The main objective is to get the home out to as many people as possible.
One of the things we do is market your home as coming soon to all of our buyer data base, share your property with all agents in the area.

Once your property is ready to go live on the real estate market quality pictures area taken, one thing you as the home owner has to do, is keep the property show ready. It is very important that when a prospective buyer walks through the door your home has a pleasant scent, the blinds are pulled to let in as much light as possible and the home is not cluttered. First impressions are key!

Properties that sell quickly usually sell for close to asking price, it is very important to find an agent that knows the housing market and how to get the most exposure for your property possible.

If your are thinking of selling your home let me guide you in finding your homes sweet spot and maximizing exposure of your home to get you the highest price possible in the least amount of time possible.